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Activities that help you find the partners you need for business and project collaboration

1. Strategic Lead

Identification and



Finding prospects that align with the Clients’ specific needs and maintaining engagement until they're ready for sales/ collaboration, and hand-over to the Client.

2. Export missions

and activities


Project management of export activities such as matchmaking activities abroad, stand arrangements at trade expos and cluster networking activities in Europe.

3. EU matchmaking

and project partner search


Identifying relevant EU calls and matchmaking high-quality consortiums with the Client.

What can a sales agent do for you?

Market Validation
A sales agent's interactions with potential partners provides valuable feedback and insights into the market's needs and preferences. 

Relationship Building
A sales agent that establishes and nurture relationships with customers, increases repeat business, referrals, and long-term client partnerships. Contributing to a strong customer base vital for sustainable business relations.

Marketing your brand

A sales agent is an ambassador for your brand and your vision at expos, mobility missions and even in online posts and lead generation activities.

Customer Acquisition
A sales agent will help your company acquire new customers and expand your client base and the reach of your brand.

Cost-Effective Scaling
A sales agent dedicated to more than just one client is a cost effective way to scale your company's sales efforts compared to hiring permanent staff. 

Expand your network
Finding the right partners, location, venues or markets requires time and know-how. Use the sales agents
 network and know-how and make it your own.


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